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  Jiangxi Hongda Group was established in 1995.It is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of disposable sterile medical device products.It has a registered capital of 428.88 billion yuan and currently has total assets of 2.098 billion yuan.The company has strong R&D and innovation capabilities,and the company has international Five invention patents,more than 80 utility model patents,products covering infusion(blood)devices,syringes,puncture equipment,cardiovascular intervention,examination or auxiliary equipment,anesthesia equipment,catheters,blood purification products,medical equipment,inspection reagents,etc.There are hundreds of varieties in ten categories,with an annual output of 4 billion disposable sterile medical devices(sets).The products account for about 25%of the domestic market.It is also exported to Europe,America,Asia,Africa and other international markets.It is a disposable medical device in China.One of the largest consumables production and processing manufacturers in the industry.

  Hongda Group has been successively elected as the standing director unit of China Medical Device Industry Association,the vice chairman unit of Medical Polymer Products Branch of China Medical Device Industry Association,the member unit of China Medical Device Industry Medical Polymer Product Standard Committee,and the president of Jiangxi Medical Device Industry Association The company is a key enterprise in Jiangxi Province and a leading enterprise in the medical device industry in Nanchang.It has successively won the National Civilized Unit,China High-tech Enterprise,National Federation of Industry and Commerce Anti-epidemic Advanced Enterprise,Jiangxi Famous Brand,Jiangxi Famous Trademark,Jiangxi Anti-epidemic Advanced Collective and Advanced Individual,Jiangxi Province Contract-abiding and Reputable Enterprise,etc.

  Hongda Group has established:"Focus on business operation,pursue high quality;Create Hongda famous brand,let medical patients rest assured"as the business purpose and"Today's product quality determines tomorrow's sales market;Today's customer satisfaction determines Tomorrow's Hongda Life"business philosophy.And determined:"Safety production is the main prevention,management standard and refined production;product quality and price is excellent,customer satisfaction and sincerity;people-oriented innovation,continuous improvement to strive for first-class quality".

  In the next five years,the group company plans to invest 320 million yuan to build an innovative research and development platform(Hongda Postdoctoral Research Station),and plans to introduce 8-10 postdoctoral researchers,120 research and development personnel with undergraduate level and above supporting the industry,and a provincial-level tertiary hospital Such universities and institutes have established a comprehensive cooperative relationship of"production,learning,research,and use"to promote industrial transformation and upgrading with innovation,thereby leveraging the four major industries of"infusion consumables,examination and diagnosis(IVD),hemodialysis,and intelligent medical equipment",To achieve the goal of"Hongda Hongyun Ten Billion Medical Industrial Park".The upgrade of Hongda's medical industry involves upgrading traditional labor-intensive manual operations to automated and intelligent manufacturing technologies,and second,expanding high-value-added products around the traditional industrial chain.

  Following the trend and taking advantage of the situation,Hongda Group will,with the care and support of governments at all levels and all walks of life,take the three-wheel drive as the core development driving force,and take the ten billion industrial park as the goal of marching forward,not forgetting its original intention,and moving forward.In order to help build a prosperous,beautiful and happy modern Jiangxi,and jointly draw a new era of Jiangxi Wuhua Tianbao's outstanding talents and spirits,new achievements and new glory will be created!

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23 years of training and development

The "Hongda" brand products produced by the group company have nine categories and dozens of varieties: infusion, blood transfusion equipment, injection equipment, puncture equipment, inspection or auxiliary equipment, anesthesia equipment, catheters, medical equipment, Cardiovascular intervention products, blood purification products, etc.


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