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Talent Strategy

Talent Concept

Provide a growth platform for talents, make talents a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises, and realize the common growth and development of enterprises and talents


Talent Strategy

The company has implemented humanized management. Through the formulation of various regulations and systems, the initiative and enthusiasm of employees are fully mobilized, and various opportunities are provided for on-the-job training for employees, so that employees can continuously adapt to new needs and accept new In terms of human resources, it has formed a complete and cohesive management system by implementing a fair, just and objective performance appraisal system.


Talent development

Education is the basis of employment. According to the characteristics of different types and different levels of talents, constantly improve and innovate the talent training mechanism, practice theoretical training and practice, establish a wide-covered, multi-level, and open talent training system, and gradually establish a talent training system that meets the environment of a group enterprise New model.

Recruitment position

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23 years of training and development

The "Hongda" brand products produced by the group company have nine categories and dozens of varieties: infusion, blood transfusion equipment, injection equipment, puncture equipment, inspection or auxiliary equipment, anesthesia equipment, catheters, medical equipment, Cardiovascular intervention products, blood purification products, etc.


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