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Reach and erect the technological cooperation bridge with Britain Star Company bigly

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Syringe Company doses of blue Chinese nurse , Star of Britain ,. Martin and office of bright red. Easy Lip river of tile thatch in Beijing under good fortune door sub trading company Fu JunFang general manager and Chen curtain vice president accompany hertzs of two technologist, come to Jiangxi to reach the group to investigate bigly , negotiates the relevant matters of technological cooperation on a special trip on November 15. It is long-term wills of two companies of China and Britain to establish both sides ' technological cooperation, it is that both sides pass numerous investigation and ferment the decision too. For the grand project of promoting our country to inject safely in an all-round way , eliminate and inject it unsafly to the hidden danger that the human body brings, make positive contribution for the medical hygiene industry. Big to reach group already on sign technological cooperation agreement with company this recently, this is that Britain Star Company sends someone to come to our company to carry on detailed and concrete discussion , fix to the cooperative item for the first time.
Britain Star syringe Company is that the industry technology is influential, enjoys great prestige in the whole world, the modern high-tech enterprise with international advanced person 's managerial skill. In recent years , have established technological cooperation with many medical equipment manufacturers , such as Vietnam , S. Korea ,etc. of all parts of the world, have made enormous success . Reach the collaborative project with this company bigly for the production of the destroying oneself type syringe, introduce Star K1 technology that Company offer and is it is it is it produce to develop by Britain side technologist to product this to instruct to participate in.

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