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The city leader in the province inspects and reaches bigly Pay close attention to reaching the development prospect bigly

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The morning of March 3, a spring breeze is nice and warm, gaudy male genital high day that take the picture, Ling ChengXing , vice-governor of Jiangxi Province, vice-mayor of Nanchang city Zhou Guan, chief of province Bureau of Drugs Supervision Wu Zhen, deputy bureau director Liu Xiao village is together with Economic and Trade Commission of the province and city, the relevant leaders of such departments as the department of public health (office ) , Bureau of Drugs Supervision ,etc. come to Jiangxi to reach the medical equipment Corporation (Group) to inspect and check up the work bigly , recommend properly qualified persons for service JiQing Cao , vice county magistrate Wu , county magistrate of county , come loyal one accompany.
ChengXing Ling , Guan Zhou comrade is it is it is it catch to big to reach newly-built medical equipment production base watch live hurriedly with enthusiasm to settle down yet to recommend properly qualified persons for service to come, deepen our company every workshop view and emulate and make an inspection tour to each production line and whom technological process go on carefully and then, and has listened to the report introductions of company leader and engineers and technicians on one side. Learn as them big to reach group cause in recent years on one pair of great development strategies to implement " big trade , heavy customer ", have brought limitless life and vigor to enterprise 's development through the technological innovation of the products, having made the unprecedented fruits, vice-governor Ling says to President Wang Hui cheerfully: I have said for a long time , the thing which others can do well , we people in Jiangxi can unquestionably do well . Big to is it can make this step into to reach, is it move a lot of brain , spend a lot of energies to prove. But the competition of the market is realistic and cruel, the change of the products of current market is at a tremendous more pace , change very quickly, you is it have products now to be still enough to lean against only, must set eyes free one year , one year , even one year far. The ones that finished to the workshop made an inspection tour , vice-governor Ling and the entourage come to the meeting room on the third floor of company, have watched the multimedia CD " reaching bigly, advance in innovating " collectively.
The strength introduction , products of the talent , technology begin to develop toward many kinds of dispositions , multi-functional high-tech content to reach the group bigly in recent years, make preliminary effect already, production automation degree improve greatly , reduce done by hand bring pollute artificially, implementing the assembly line homework of purification of 100,000 grades in an all-round way, the product quality , brand grade of enterprises have got greater promotion from this too. In accordance with the instructions of city leader in the province, industry should make medical treatment device into the pillar industry of our province, getting " big to reach " medical use products is it make light spot , international light spot of brand , Chinese of brand into to want, big to reach things that the group wants to do a lot of yet, the task is still quite strenuous .

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