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  • Name: Disposable Infusion (dual-channel single-needle)
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  • 上架时间: 2012-06-15
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The use of medical polymer materials, sterilized by ethylene oxide. Sterile, non-toxic, pyrogen-free hemolysis. User-friendly design of the puncture, complete medical personnel to facilitate the puncture of the stopper. Precise measurement: the drop in the bucket set dropper, liquid infusion, the infusion can see the number of drops, 1ml equivalent to about 20 drops. blood transfusion safety design: air filter air filter in the 0.5μm particles over more than 90%, blood clot filter of the filter more than 90%-one structure: the integration filter and bracket welding, solid and high reliability. large flow rate settings: standard conditions, 30min to the output of not less than 1000ml of blood pressure cases, 2min can also output less than 500ml in the blood, to fully meet the clinical needs of General sex with: according to international standards of 6:100 conical connector with screw and non-screw design, size, accurate, light handling feel. infusion terminal equipped with a protective sleeve, will not naturally fall, and easy to remove completely the the inner surface of sterile infusion professional clinical features: As the clinical needs, to the intravenous injection of other liquid, through a professional piece with the injection liquid can make note without having to implement additional skin puncture to reduce patient pain.

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