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  • Name: Disposable Infusion (fine adjustment)
  • 编号: Disposable Infusion (fine adjust
  • 上架时间: 2012-06-15
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The product developed by our company's dark material, in the 290nm ~ 450nm wavelength range, its light more than 80%, chemical stability, the ethylene oxide sterilization. Sterile, non-toxic, pyrogen-free hemolysis. Adopt a flexible catheter (PVC) PVC / PP, can prevent kinks. Some of the clinical use of drugs in light of the role will decompose, deterioration, discoloration and reduced efficacy, and some even produce toxic substances, such as cardiovascular drugs: sodium nitroprusside, nifedipine, nimodipine, Punai lol and other drugs. Liquid filters for liquid filtration in the 15um more than 90% particulate air filters on the air 0 .5 um to filter out particles greater than 95% effective against bacteria, dust into the infusion period. According to international standards of 6:100 cone connectors with screw design, size, accuracy, feel light, can be used with any needle or supporting the use of the infusion needle. Infusion terminal equipped with a protective sleeve, will not naturally fall, and easy to remove completely the inner surface of sterile infusion. Range from pin-type plastic, shaped pin with exhaust, dust-free puncture-type, single-needle type injection molding drip bucket, bucket-type blow molding drip, drip bucket stretched blow molding, high-elastic type and so completely meet the customer's individual requirements.

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