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  • Name: Disposable insulin syringes
  • 编号: Disposable insulin syringes
  • 上架时间: 2012-06-15
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Specification: Size: 40UNITS, 80UNITS Model: 0.5ml, 1ml Specifications: 1, the product used medical polymer materials, sterilized by ethylene oxide, ethylene oxide residues in good should not be greater than 10 micrograms / g, the product should be sterile, pyrogen-free, less hemolysis rate 5%, no acute systemic toxicity. 2, the product surface should be clean and free of impurities, without flash, burrs, plastic flow, defects and other defects. 3, the inner surface of the product (including the rubber plunger) may not have visible lubricant together. 4, the product of the jacket should be sufficient transparency, can clearly see the baseline. 5, rubber piston should be no plastic wire, plastic debris, foreign matter, blooming. 6, the ruler of the dividing line and the measurement of digital printing capacity should be complete, legible, clear lines, a uniform thickness. 7, the product should be consistent with other technical indicators relevant requirements of GB15810-2001. 8, product performance standards: YZB / State 0025-2006 <> Product Description: Disposable, destroyed after use. Packaging is damaged, prohibit the use of protective cover off.

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